One of the biggest problem we are facing as a person is knowing how to live. Nobody thought us that.

Nobody tells us what to do when we face certain situations. The only thing people do most of the time is applaud when we fall.

And on rare occasions someone will come and pick us up.

And thats I thing the compass that we have to follow on how to live.



I learnt the hard way that too much optimism is toxic.

Due to my high optimism I got an anxiety attack. It become so bad to the point that I had glimpse of why some people end up taking their life.

Optimism if not controlled will blind us. We will think everything will be okay without having to do anything. We are happy and satisfied most of the time.

We are not actually. We do feel anxious. But we covered it up with optimism. False optimism.

Instead of optimism we should focus on practicality. Practicality involves uncertainty. It might works or it might not.

That gave us a reminder to the work. To try our best but also knowing it might fail. And if failed, its okay. We can try different thing next time.



The only question is whether we acknowledge it or not.

Knowing that people are as vulnerable as we are at that moment may help with our own anxiety. Go little bit further by being there for them, show that we care, we understand, we felt the same way.

Make it a daily mission that we want to improve somebody’s day, even with a smile.



Each of has our own way seeing the world. It was shaped based on our experience, interest, values and some other things overtime.

Our worldview is not static. It evolves.

It evolves based on our new daily experiences. Our new input of data of the world.

To understand other people’s worldview requires empathy.

It’s putting ourself in their shoes and looking from their eyes. But the best we could do is only guessing what their worldview are.

It can be made better by talking to them and make it a calculated guess.

But only through empathy we are able to say that our guess was wrong and iterating it until we come near to their worldview.



Critic when done right will help the people you are giving the critic. It will help them grow, improve or be better.

But when done wrong, it gives meaningless. Worst it will make the other person’s day who being criticised a bad day.

When giving critic, tell why it won’t work from your point of view. And if possible give some input on what you think can be the solution. But with an empathy that the person may take or not what you said.

At the same time we also have to be a good receiving end. Acknowledge their point of view. We are not required to make decision based on the critics. Make decision to use or not to use the advice for the best interest of the project, not us.

Because we and the project are two separate entity.