People can only help us if we allow them too.

1 min readMar 4, 2022


The main question is, do we want to be helped?

Are we able to listen, acknowledge and discuss without judgement that we want to do something about the situation that we are in? Do we want to change?

Or we just want to live with the pain?

But sometime without realising, we refuse people’s help. This is where when people who we care suggest something and we will end up offended (no matter how soft their voice are). We will attack them back telling that they are like us too. It’s because of them bla bla and bla.

They might be the cause of it. But the truth is, normally their contribution to the situation is only minimal.

Our happiness is not something that we can depends on others. We need to be able to be happy on our own, even when being alone. Happy with our self. Being okay with our shortcomings. Understanding that we have done our best.

And at the same time acknowledge that, they (the people we care) also have done their best.