The missing link in teaching

I heard a podcast today about mental modal and the speaker talks about something very familiar to me, the wisdom hierarchy.

Wisdom hierarchy is the heart of my MSc’s dissertation. I was researching about how knowledge moves inside organisations and between projects in the construction industry.

Listening to that podcast made me think about the situation we are in now.

The inability to understand what we learn.

Reflecting back I think the whole education system focuses on transferring the wisdom of the teachers to the students.

The learning process has to follow the hierarchy.

If not, we will not attain that wisdom.

What was a teacher’s wisdom is only a data or at most an information to the students.

Most of us are unable to understand what’s being teach.

Furthermore we are not required to understand. What we need is to remember the wisdom that the teachers has transferred to us.

But then how to make sure the wisdom that the teachers teach becomes the wisdom of students?

Here is what I think we need to do:

  1. Allow discussion with students
  2. Encourage students to ask question
  3. Encourage students to discuss amongst themselves.
  4. Try to implement self directed learning in the class.
  5. Allow students to reflect, wonder and ponder upon what they have just learned.

Wisdom and knowledge cannot be transferred. Its must be earned.

And the only way to achieve is through self directed learning.

The students (what ever their age are) need to learn because the want to learn, not because they are asked too.



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