What they do: Basecamp

2 min readFeb 28, 2022


Basecamp is a Project Management & Communication Software like many others.

I would say its nothing special about Basecamp. They just provide a simple tools that is not a mind blowing new idea (They are more then 20 years old).

But their simple tools works. It works because the tools is based on a work philosophy that they teach and practice. They are not in rush like many others. They focus on being small rather than big like many others.

But the software itself won’t work with the idea of work that came with it. If slack built basecamp, they won’t succeed.

The marketing that they do is they teach how people can work like they do (for the people who want to).

They might not go as big, as popular as the other software tools. But it works for them and the people who are using them adore what they built.

And we are one of them.

It takes a lot of time for me to get our team to use. It’s a cultural change for us. We are living in the environment that keep on interrupting and being interrupt.

Partly because it’s so easy as its just a few walks a way to get an information.

So introducing Basecamp was a challenge for all of us including me, but we need to change if we want to have work that are meaningful.